September 2019

Kids are back at school and the weather has been steadily sunny with mild temperatures. Love waking up to the 55-60 degrees temperatures, knowing that the heat will continue to raise during the day…until it doesn’t any more. Fall. What woman does not embrace fall?

Family: I haven’t seen Tyler for some time now that school has started. Kinda miss him, so I snapped him this morning. Madi is also back at college, although I’m blessed to see her every so often.

With the kids away, there has been more one/one time with Jeff. We went to the local driving range, hit baseballs and actually took several boat rides (yay!) as well as had a date night thanks to Karen and Ashleigh. They came in for the Steelers game and stayed with mother-in-law Saturday night–which I am sure Chicky loved. It was great to hang with Karen and Ashleigh a little bit before date night and a little bit on Sunday–I am truly blessed with my in-laws.

Things aren’t so great as it relates to Sid. Chasing a bunny while making a quick cut, he messed up his knee. Xray was done; we are currently attempting to limit his activity while on an anti-inflammatory and pain pill. Hope the little bugger ends up being alright!

It has been a good month for Jeff though. In addition to free night thanks to Karen and Ashleigh, he also had a golf tournament during the workday for charity then again this last Sunday off thanks to me and Madi. His company had a softball charity tournament and his team kept winning! So that left the mother-in-law in mine and Madison’s care–I think she really enjoyed Madison spending the time.

Home: Not only was it a productive family month, home wasn’t so bad either. I weeded around the mailbox and cleaned up for winter. I also cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer upstairs, cleaned out the laundry room (which was really overdue for a cleaning!) and defrosted the freezer downstairs. Way to go me!

Self: September was also very, very good to me. I took a few days off and worked on goal planning (still have more to do), Jeff and I tried a new restaurant and also went out to dinner with friends. I also (finally) focused on my nails and they are starting to grow! I used one coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Strength and one coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth. Day 2 and every day after, I applied one coat of Essie (generation zen). By the end of the week, I started the whole process over. I really love how they came out.

I’ve also started cardio exercise towards the end of the month and hope I keep it up…because…I also made 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies for Jeff and I!

Work: I almost finished my resume (need to ask HR when I received one of my officer titling–but that is it!) and also created a resume for Jeff, who still needs to review his.

Traveled to Boston to meet the new boss; the meeting went really great! Apparently, I was the only one on the team to prepare with my Powerpoint on the functions performed by my team and those items we are currently working on. That really surprised me. Feedback from my boss was I came off confident and friendly; another feedback received was about me being the only one prepared. Other than that, pretty much quiet. Its killing me knowing there will be a change, but not know what or when.

September brought much personnel disruption. I had to work through 4 separate issues with colleagues of mine as it relates to coaching/them working with others. I have to give myself a pat on the back, as I remained level headed and provided sound advise. I’m still a bit confused on my boss pulling in a colleague of mine pertaining to a process “owned” by a peer; I calmly expressed my concerns with not much explanation from my manager–re-org maybe? I don’t know. End result is she is being put in a difficult situation.

And I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with a Career Coach. Its scheduled in the beginning of October and I’m really excited to see how this works.

Final Thoughts: What a busy freaking month! Each of my 4 focus’ got great attention–Family, Self, Home and Work! Very, very productive. Am I gearing up for the holiday season or going to be slowing down as the days get darker and colder? Or, was it the few days off (probably). Happy Fall!

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