The Second Chance Supper Club

Recommended: Yes

Summary: The unexpected death of their parents had left the sister’s once close relationship in turmoil for 3 years. Julia flees to her home state and sister after an incident at her job. You learn the imperfect circumstances of the two sisters is the bond that brings them back together, stronger than ever.

Thoughts: This was the first ARC (Advance Reader Copy) I read and really, really enjoyed. The story is simple, easy to follow; the book is a light read.

This book also introduced me to a few things (see Additional Findings below) and I found it heartwarming that you can take the girl out of the home, but you can’t take home out of the girl. It’s amazing how Julia, even myself, adapt to change–and it is wonderful when the heart agrees with the change.

Meier, Nicole
Realistic Fiction
Pages: 267

Additional Findings:

Ginny, the eldest sister, runs an underground dining restaurant (supper club). I’ve never heard of this and found it fascinating. Here is the Wikipedia definition as well as Kiri Tannenbaum and Candace Braun Davison’s 2018 article, 6 Secret Restaurants You Need To Know About.

I also learned of a Michelin rating; again, never heard of this. This is the difference between one, two, and three Michelin-starred restaurants is a Business Insider article by Rachel Hosie which gives a good background.

Nicole Meier has also authored: The House of Bradbury and The Girl Made of Clay.

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