Following Your Gut to a Happy Life

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Summary: Following logical progression for task completion is not always the right or most productive answer. Sometimes you need to follow your gut to live a happy life.

Additional Thoughts: Being the results oriented person that I am, life for me was listing out what I wanted (or needed) to get done, then begin doing following the order of my list. The order of my list was typically prioritized from a functional perspective by boxing similar tasks together as well as natural progression of tasks. For an example, I would not first run to Target, then come home and do the laundry, then run to the grocery store. Instead, I would start the laundry, run to Target before the grocery store, as frozen food will not sit well in the car in the dead of summer, then come back home to throw the laundry into the drier. Following this thought process, things get done–I go from Step A to Step B maximizing my productivity. Getting things done felt good, being thrift with my time enabled me to get a lot done.

However, there are tasks that I want, or need, to do that do not have a natural progression, such as, on this fine non-workday of a Saturday, do I sit and write this blog post or do I sign on to work and clean out my inbox? My logic brain would tell me to sign in to work because my work is my source of income, and therefore takes priority over blogging for fun. My logic brain would also say that Monday will be uglier if I don’t get caught up with my emails. It makes sense to follow this logic unless…I’m not “in the mood” to sign on.

I have found that when I always follow my logic, resentment can begin to fester and end results may not be the best result. If, when I wake up this early Saturday morning, I am feeling more creative–more artistic, signing on to work and pounding through emails will be completed as a chore–a means to an end. When I continue to do following only logic, I get angry because I feel that I’m all work and no play. If I ignore my gut and continue down the logic path, I found I look at others and become envious they are able to enjoy life while I’m stuck here working. The anger snowball just continues to build, making me a very unhappy person.

This year, I’ve learned to tap into my gut for direction and learned following my gut not only makes me happier with life, but also puts me into a natural flow. Tasks are also completed easier and end results are better when in the natural flow.

There are two hard questions to answer — how does one tap into her gut and how to balance gut and logic.

Tapping into my gut took time, patience and trial and error. In short, I now look at my to do list and ask myself what speaks to me, which item do I want to do next (versus what makes sense to do next) or which item seems like fun or will make me happy–and then I go with it.

Just as all work, no play makes for a sad me, all fun and no work leaves a financially poor me, so there needs to be a balance between doing things from a logical perspective or from the gut. Sometimes the decision is easy–if I don’t sign on, I won’t make a deadline for Monday results in signing on to work over blogging. If signing on will make Sunday easier, but isn’t necessarily going to impact my performance at work, and I’m feeling more creative than productive, then maybe I choose blogging over signing in to work. Conversely, if I’m not feeling creative, I won’t work on my posts and focus on whatever my gut tells me to do.

I’m not there yet when it comes to balancing between the two and I’m not always sure if the logic takes over more than gut, but I am aware, will continue to focus to improve and enjoy the tasks of life.

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