July 2019

July’s weather did not want to go unnoticed–she brought either stormy, pelting rain or hot, humid, sun-in-your-eyes kinda days. Again, I’m in awe of the fullness and greenness of our trees–they look so beautiful and luscious.

Not sure what my feelings are as it relates to astrology, but have learned a little something, called Mercury in Retrograde, is guaranteed to wreak havoc for me. This retrograde was a killer. It chewed me up and spit me out, attacking my self esteem leaving me in a very low place. According to Google, it ends on August 2nd and I have never wished time pass so quickly as I do now. On the bright side, it showed me my husband rocks–he is always there to pick me up when needed.

Family: Jeff and I started the month off with a getaway shopping trip to Easton, OH. Being alone with him was priceless and being around the shops gave me a new sense of energy and did wonders for my home.

We also did some hosting and supporting this month. My niece from Cincinnati stayed a weekend with her husband and my beautiful, adorable great niece (7 mos old). All of my nieces hold a very, very special place in my heart, Alyssa B being the youngest of them all.

Towards the end of the month, got to spend the day with my “baby” sister who had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, which also afforded the opportunity to see my older sister (not enough time tho!). At the very, very end of the month (last week), we hosted a cook-out with our close friends–time with them is always fun.

Home: As I said, the Easton trip did wonders for my soul. When we got home, I had a renewed energy and begin attacking the little nuances that annoy me about the house. It all started with my purchase of a boxwood wreath purchased from TJ Maxx, which is hanging (beautifully, may I add) in my kitchen window just above the sink. From there, there was no stopping me and it left Jeff spinning in circles and assisting where I needed help.

First stop was the kid’s bathroom. I HATE their shower curtain…HATE it. It annoys me every time I walk up the steps to go to my bedroom. Down went the shower curtain; up with a new one, which didn’t go with the bath rug, so boom! new bath rug. Which changed the room’s feel, so out with all the empty shampoo/body wash bottles, in with a new 4 shelf shower tier. The medicine cabinet was sprayed with a coat of white paint and a new towel rack was installed after I got done cleaning under the bathroom sink. And I didn’t stop there…

Next was Tyler’s room cleaning everything (except for under bed and desk drawers) with a bag of clothes for Goodwill. Cleaning included the coffee dripped walls and carpet.

Jeff hit the spare room and Christmas 2018 is finely stowed in the attic, which left me to clean there.

Then lastly, the downstairs powder room. Several month ago, I took out the grassed urn and took down the picture. I wanted to change the look, but not sure to what. That Easton Energy Bug had a hold on me and up went a new picture, out with the old candle, replacing with the new one. New hand-towel, yes please, along with artificial plants. After all was said and done, I liked what I saw.

I didn’t keep track of all the purchases, but believe the total cost was around $200 and found it an amazing spend because the small cosmetic changes have lifted my soul.

Oh yeah, we also had gutter helmets installed and new windows on the front of the house thanks to Jeff’s efforts last month.

Self: Although the start of the month was a wonderful getaway with Jeff, there wasn’t much self care the rest of the month…which, probably didn’t help the work situations I faced. I did, however, use my found energy to make the house more desirable in my eyes and received numerous check marks on the old things I wanted to tackle. Jeff and I did get the opportunity to sneak in a few dinner dates and during my stressful period, he was the rock that held everything up at home.

Work: This is where the retrograde really hit me. At the beginning of the month, I went the extra mile by waking up early on a Saturday morning to visit a site that did not have systems. Although the experience was eye-opening, and I’d do it 10 more times, I later found credit to getting the site up and running was given to the people who would not respond initially. Not that I was looking for credos, but I surely didn’t expect them to receive all the accolades. Even so, brushed myself off and moved on.

It was amazing what a small improvement on how I perform MidYear reviews did. Reviews this time around were very focused and on point. And taking the advice from TheEveryGirls post, selected a few career goals to focus on myself by end of year.

Unfortunately (blaming retrograde), I didn’t have much time to focus on said goals because we had system issues that consumed approximately 2 days of my time each week. This resulted in an overload of issues to track and move along to resolution, while keeping up with only critical tasks of my BAU (business as usual) work. Over stressed and constantly working (2 back-to-back weekends we had releases, so I had to call in Saturday night and Sunday morning–at 6 am!), I was drained and felt like the world was against me. I felt that no one listened to me, some even over-ruled me, and I questioned my own judgment because of this, which left me with a very, very low self-esteem. After crying it out Thursday night, Friday showed to be my day. I maintained a calmness from the cry before, continued to be me (right or wrong) and persevered. The end result…those that over-ruled me were shown to be wrong (from the results, not me) and heads turned to me for direction and the day ended on a good, but extremely exhausting note. Lesson learned here…Keep Calm and Carry On and not let the effects of others stop me…I’ve got this.

Final Thoughts:
July was a firework–it started off beautiful (getaway, house decorating) and fizzled into dust (leaving me deflated and exhausted). I learned that I need to listen to my gut and to remain calm and focused during times of stress–to believe in myself that I can do it (something Jeff tells me all the time). I’ve also learned that I find astrology fun and interesting, but not life defining, unless…of course, we’re in a Mercury retrograde…

Chanie Kirschner post What Does Mercury in Retrograde Mean?

Hope you survived the retrograde!

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