MidYear Reviews

Summary: Whether you are performing or receiving a MidYear review, clear focus on what the colleague does well and what their end of year focus should be must be clear.

Additional Thoughts: As a giver and a receiver of MidYear reviews, it’s important to deliver quality reviews. In this fast paced environment, however, I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote, so I’ve committed to making small improvements with each review ongoing. This MidYear, I focused on making clear the good, the bad and the focus in a concise format that drove good conversation.

  1. Once deadlines were set, communicated the time frame for colleagues to complete their self assessment, ensuring time to incorporate their results into my review.
  2. Scheduled time in the morning on my calendar the day after their self assessment was due to me.
  3. During that scheduled time:
    • Reviewed each self assessment and took in what the colleague felt their results were.
    • In each review category, I was rather light with commentary. I either added a bullet to support their comments (i.e. end result of the new database was a cost savings of 400 hours/year), added something they may have left off, or indicate colleague struggle/need for improvement, but being positive (i.e. Deadline was missed by 2 weeks in which (colleague name) has been setup for success next time by honing in on organizational skills).
    • I then removed my eyes from the laptop and thought what were the top 3 results per person that had an impact.
    • With eyes still away from the laptop, I thought what are the top 3 deliverables I want to see by year end per person and if there was any improvement I felt the colleague should focus on.
  4. In the summary portion of the review, I commented something to the effect of
    • The following were the top key results which impacted (list team, partners, customers, etc) produced by (colleagues name): 1) First result; 2) Second result; and 3) Third result.
    • (Colleague name) should continue efforts and focus on the following by end of year while keeping in mind (list the improvement here): 1) First deliverable; 2) Second deliverable; and 3) Third deliverable.
  5. The summary section of each colleague’s review set me up for highlights of my review. As in step 3 and 4, I repeated the same format for myself–yes, I included 1 time that my performance was not stellar, but stated how I handled the challenge.
  6. Lastly, I provided the review and setup time on each colleague’s calendar (I feel it is important to make the review available in advance so they could bring questions, concerns or what they need of me to help them succeed to our meeting).

I found that by using this format during the MidYear review process, it was very easy to speak to the colleague (and boss), have open conversations and clear direction on where I want to land at the end of the year.

Additional Findings:
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