June 2019

With May’s thunderstorms past, June has brought beautiful, not so hot, weather. Love that the days are longer and filled with sunshine and luscious trees (thanks to all the rain). Here’s a Tweet from this month to share how beautiful my trees (and birds) are.

During the paper shredding event (below), which was located at our Middle School, I realized how much I love my community. Not sure if it was the condensed family/friends (below) time talking to me, but I truly love our community and thankful that Jeff and I came back to raise our kids here. Yeah, its not perfect and I have my complaints, but all in all, it is a great place to raise a family.

Family: June has been the month for family and friends. Starting with graduation parties, drinks at an outside bar, and dinner at an outside restaurant. We also had a mother-in-law visit so Jeff could get a few things done around the house–in which I believe she thoroughly enjoyed as much as I did. For dinner, we pulled out a cookbook and decided right then and there what we would make for dinner. Not sure if it was my company, or Tyler’s, that she appreciated most (gut telling me it was Tyler).

We celebrated Father’s Day a little early; Tyler came in for the celebration and Jeff loved his collage of pictures Madison made.

Madison had the pleasure of going on vacation with Mac’s family; a lakeside house in New York–#jealous!

Jeff and I enjoyed a new restaurant in the area–a gastrobar (wasn’t sure what that was, but the food was #yum!)–and we also made a rush visit to Tyler’s new apartment for bedbug treatment; only to confirm by a professional he did not have bedbugs. But, it was good seeing him and we tried out a different restaurant in that area as well.

I also made a quick stop at my sisters–she made me seven layer cookies and chocolate chip cookies for my mother-in-law and Jeff. #BestYumEver

Home: Jeff wins this category this month. He placed an order for new gutters and new front windows as well as got rid of 8 bags of paper to take to the shredding event in the local community. He also started trimming the front bushes. Family/friends, my physical therapy (below), and work trip took up much of my free time to do anything house related.

Self: Had pain in my shoulder which continued to progress over May, leaving me with an achy arm feeling. Upon doctor’s and Jeff’s advice, made time for physical therapy and what a world of difference it made.

Jeff and I were able to finally get to PA Libations (shop that sells Pennsylvania made liquor only) in the Strip District–we’ve been trying for over a month. After purchasing my blackberry liquor, we tried out a new cafe, Der Fer, were you can buy coffee to drink (me) and have a specialized alcoholic beverage (Jeff). Loved the atmosphere of the shop and enjoyed watching 2 influencers taking photos.

And lastly, I’ve also enjoyed the quick posts and conversations from both @PaytonsBookTalk and @SoSheTries on Twitter and a group of ladies on Litsy (Clwojick; rather_be_reading, and marleed). Thankful for these social media outlets to converse with like minded woman.

Work: My days in Providence, RI for work left me missing home again. Love the area; miss the husband and the dog. Fortunately, a vendor cancelled a meeting and I was able to come home early.

Travel also makes my already busy work life worse. So thankful for picking up The One Minute To-Do List by Michael Linenberger. The guy gets me–he gets how priorities are ever changing and shows you how to use Outlook to manage your tasks in a streamlined manner. I’ve also purchased, and am almost done with, his other book, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook. I’ve been using his MYN (Manage Your Now) method for 2 weeks and have since then tackled 3 projects I’ve been trying to get to since September of last year. #GameChanger for me.

Final Thoughts: All-in-all, June was a great month for me. Much happiness, little to none sadness, beautiful weather, wonderful trees, and good times with family and friends.

Here’s a pic of our drinks at Der Fer.

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