The Invited

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Purchasing land in a rural area to build their home, a young couple’s relationship is tried with the haunting of a deceased witch. Hattie was a witch who was hung in the 1920s by the residents. In current day, her ghost uses the curious historian, Helen, to learn her family’s history and reunite the spirits of her family.

Thoughts: The first of Jennifer’s books I read was The Winter People which I really enjoyed. The second book I read of hers, Don’t Breathe a Word, I swore I’d never read another one of her books–it totally freaked me out. So glad, though, that I read The Invited–not as scary as Don’t Breathe a Word, but more substance than The Winter People.

There are two notes of interest with this book that are driving me nuts: The bold (or italicized) wording and a difference in book covers.

Throughout the book, words, sentences, phrases are in bold (or italicized) font–over abundantly. At first, I thought maybe it was a secret message for the reader, but when I put them all together, it doesn’t appear to be a message (how cool would it be if it were!). So I wonder…why? Why the abundance of bold/italicized words?

Secondly, I noticed the window in the book cover at Barnes and Nobles (pictured with this post), had a little “shining” in the lower right hand corner; the book from the library did not. Now I have noticed, especially with ARCs, book covers change. What I find interesting with The Invited, the book cover change is that it is so minuscule, one wonders, why? Then I wonder…is the “shining” my camera’s flash? I’ll have to go back to Barnes and Noble to see.

McMahon, Jennifer
Witch Fiction
Pages: 347

Additional Findings:
In Samantha Knoerzer’s article, The Best Hidden Easter Eggs in Books, I see there are many hidden messages or images within books. Never knew.

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