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Summary: Three generations of the Milton family spanning from the 1930s to present day. The book focuses on the social inhumanities during this period, telling the reader that families thoughts/values can change with each generation, but core family values will remain.

Thoughts: With the loss of my parents and the selling of my childhood home, I could relate to the feelings Evie was going through. Ten years after their death, I still have questions for them and wonder if they felt the pressures of parenthood as I sometimes do. I miss my mom and dad.

The age old question of our purpose in life is shared by each generation. Below are quotes that had meaning to me:

Page 88: Pertaining to life, “First one thing, then the next…Every day something will happen, something new will come.”

Page 176: “There’s only the one life…Just the one chance at it. And you can either get it right. Or wrong. And we never know, do we, as we’re spinning along in it.”

Page 225: “If there is anything history teaches, it’s that nothing happens. No single moment. No story. Just people going around doing the best they can, without knowing what on earth they are doing.”

Page 418: “When you are young…you dream of what you want…A little further along, in the middle of your life, you find you dream of what you have….But the dream of the old…are of what we will lose.”

Blake, Sarah
Realistic Fiction; Historical Fiction
Pages: 484

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