May 2019

In the very berry month of May, I took a leap and started this blog. This came after reading Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman, Miki Agrawal and You’re Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way, Maxie McCoy–very empowering books. I looked inward on what brings me joy and found my love of reading and my love of writing blog posts have been with me forever. I love learning from others (reading) and sharing with others (blogging). This blog will be my journey this year–we’ll see where it goes.

I’ve learned a lot this month: How to setup a blog; Opening blog Pinterest, Twitter, GoodReads and Instagram profiles; What an ARC is, what TBR means and where one can find free pictures to post on one’s blog. I’ve also learned YouTubers are the best ever–as I would not have been able to do any of this on my own.

In one month, I saw a something interesting with my book reviews. Initially, the format (which I still hold to doing) was a quick summary of the book, detailed summary under thoughts and then additional findings which could be used for book club meetings. Almost immediately, unintentionally, the format I established changed. Thoughts became to be the impact the book had on me–how I could relate to the book, which resulted in additional Google searches that ended up being the additional findings. I like this format that emerged and I also like that everything is quick/straight to the point and not much scrolling–for us working moms out there that don’t have the time to scroll.

I’ve made a few new friends from following people and learned that I wanted to hone in on specific types of readers, not all readers. I want to bond with other like women, not just those who have a love of books. Blogging and Tweeting is perfect because I can venture out when time permits and get a great variety of thoughts of other women–not just local moms/females. First blush, this internet atmosphere, seems very unpolitical–at least the small amount of what I hope to be new friends. Everyone seems cheerful and supportive.

About me…I’m a full-time working mom of 2 college students and 1 dog (West Highland White Terrier) and am happily married. I’ve defined, for some time now, my life’s priorities (not necessarily in order): Family, Home, Work and Self. The intent of this journal is to share what I’ve done this month that focused on those priorities. So here I begin…

Family: On Jeff’s suggestion, we had a family dinner at a newly opened local restaurant and had a fabulous time. Food was great and not realizing it, we knew the entertainment group. 

I’ve also given Jeff the ability to sleep in a few days (which he never gets to do) and noticed he’s listening to another podcast (something I introduced him to). Shopped at Costco to ensure Tyler had enough food moving into his new college apartment and received a wonderful text from Madison expressing her appreciation to Jeff/I on work advice (we gave her “confidence”–life doesn’t get any better!). Also checked in with my sisters (via text) and actually hung with Amy for an hour or so.

Home: Took a few days off of work (needed the break) and got some stuff done around the house, including cleaning off the back deck (ready for use!), purchasing and planting herbs, and the dreadful clean-out of the basement has begun.

I also hired a cleaning person, thanks to my book club friend Brooke. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never wanted to spend the money. Loving the fact that I don’t have to rush to clean any more and it has seemed to wake up the family (me included) on making sure we put stuff away.

Self: This month has been focused on Self. This blog, all the learning that came with it’s creation and spending time on what I love doing the most–reading and blogging.

I’m still feeling lost, even after reading You’re Not Lost (ha ha), but now I know I’m not alone. And really, really believe I’m feeling this way due to the amount of free time that comes with empty nesting (not that there is an abundance of it–it’s just a change).

Work: Before my days off, I spent Mother’s Day weekend (and then some) at out-of-state headquarters as we were rolling out a small pilot with a new application. This also provided me the opportunity to visit more branches–this year alone, I’ve visited and talked with 5 different branches, learning so much about the field.

Work continues to be overwhelming, but I keep taking the challenges that come my way and looking for ways to improve. Love that I got my new office this month–it actually inspired me to get more organized.

Well…it seems like although my blog posts are short and sweet, my journal is apparently lengthy. Hope it was scroll worthy and hope to develop a lot of friendships on this blog-o-sphere. 

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